Congratulations! You fell in love, and now you both think about it all the time. But before you move in together down the road, there is one important conversation you both need. A chat about finances.

Talking about money may not be an exciting topic, but it sure is an important step to creating a happy and secure future together with your partner. Here’s a guide to help you start with those money conversations:

1. Financial Objectives:

  • Dreams and aspirations: Discuss your big desires openly, like wanting to own a dream house, traveling, starting to have a business, or even have a large family.
  • Prioritization: Discuss goals that are important to both of you and how much they might cost.

2. Economic Practices:

  • Money Talk: Be honest about your spending habits – do you save or spend?
  • Debt negotiations: Discuss any existing debt, such as college loans or credit card obligations.

3. Financial planning:

  • Work together: Discuss joint income and expense management.
  • Plan for needs and wants: Discuss how you will spend your money on basics like rent, food, bills, savings, and fun activities.

4. Savings and investments:

  • Setting up a safety net: Talk about how much you want to save for emergencies and unexpected expenses.
  • Growing your money: Discuss with each other, whether you’re interested in investing for the future, like retirement or your child’s future education.

5. Financial responsibilities:

  • Expense sharing: Decide how you will split income and other expenses – go 50/50, split adequately depending on income, or use another strategy that works for you.
  • Financial Independence: Discuss if you want to maintain some financial independence in the relationship.

Remember: communication is key!

Be open and honest with each other.
Listen to each other’s concerns and priorities

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